Development of guidelines for successful programmes ('expert system')

WP6 will finally carry out an integrated analysis and will summarize the outcome of the previous work packages WP1-WP5 in terms of guidelines. WP6 will result in a knowledge based decision support system for AnGR conservation and utilisation processes and strategies. Moreover, WP6 will develop a list of relevant indicators to monitor conservation and development of local/regional cattle breeds in Europe, which could be added as relevant data to the European (EFABIS) or global (FAO-DAD-IS) databases. Finally, WP6 will also identify policy issues and bottlenecks with respect to AnGR management and self-sustainability of local/regional cattle breeds, as support to EU future policies and regulations. The project coordinator and the work package leader will jointly work on WP6, coordinated by partner P2. The preliminary planning of WP6 is to produce the guidelines or the expert system in a one week meeting, after sufficient preparatory work.

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