Review of available supportive tools for genetic management and breeding

WP4 will contribute to the technical management of conservation and breeding programmes of local cattle breeds. Existing tools and software and literature will be evaluated on their usefulness for genetic management. Outcome and conclusions from this work package will be disseminated to a wide range of (potential) users. Partner P3 is responsible for this work package and there will be a strong contribution from partner 9, who is a leading scientist in this field. Also other partners with practical or scientific experience on this topic will provide information to the lead partner(s) and contribute to the analysis and evaluation of the existing tools, software or methodologies. Dissemination of the results to a wide range of potential users (management of conservation programmes, breeders, herd books, National Co-ordinators, scientists) is a major objective of this work package.





Workshop "Practical strategies and tools for the genetic management of farm animal populations"
Jointly organized by EURECA Consortium, ERFP and EAAP; 24 August 2009.
Session 13 of 60th Annual Meeting of EAAP Conference, Barcelona.


EURECA-ERFP-EAAP Workshop Barcelona, 24 August 2009 All presentations