General Information about EuReCa

This project is aimed at assisting conservation, development and sustainable use of autochthon, local or regional cattle breeds. These breeds are recognized as important elements of agro-biodiversity, of agro-ecosystems and of our cultural heritage in Europe. The most secure conservation strategy for those breeds is to promote measures which contribute to self-sustainability of the breed.

Project Description

The project EuReCa started on March 1st 2007 and finished by October 31 2010.


Local Cattle Breeds in Europe. Towards policies and strategies for self-sustaining breeds

Which policies and strategies are required to successfully maintain our European Farm Animal Genetic Resources? The aim of the EU co-funded EuReCa project was to better understand the state of the local cattle breeds in Europe, to identify factors that contribute to their success or failure, and to recommend decision-making tools for development of ambitious and sound strategies and policies. With this publication "Local cattle breeds in Europe: Development of policies and strategies for self-sustaining breeds" we share the methodology and give a comprehensive view on the local cattle breeds in Europe.
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The Community Programme 2006-2011 for genetic resources.

"Preserving genetic resources in agriculture" presents an overview of the 17 actions of the Community Programme 2006-2011.